The popularity of avocados is legendary, and that may not be a bad thing when you consider how delicious and nutritious they are. This hardy, but delicate fruit can be used to make everything from cakes to smoothies. With just one slice of avocado, a person can get healthy vitamins, protein, iron, and a host of other nutrients in just one bite.

The first three things on that list are things people want to get all the time and so need to be consumed on a regular basis. Being healthy is not hard to do, though it requires some effort on our part.

Avocado is most likely going to get stale, but that doesn’t mean we should let it rot on our own hands. Sure, the fruit may look dull, but that is a result of getting it wet, not for any structural reasons.

Vegetable storage is not a problem when using avocados. In fact, the skin is used to keep the flesh moist when stored and heated, which helps the avocado maintain its crispiness. The fruit also will not ripen to the point where it gets mushy like tomatoes.

Avocado has a very low acidity level, which makes it perfect for preserving and for making smoothies. It is made up of two simple sugars called glucose and fructose. These are also the basic ingredients of the majority of fruits, so the avocado’s high sugar content makes it a healthy choice for making smoothies and desserts. Avocado also provides some nutrients found in fruits, which is not surprising given its naturally high nutritional value.

Another great way to use avocados is to put them in macadamia nuts or pistachios. With the protein content of the nuts, there will be no need to replace the protein in recipes with one of the main sources of protein in the United States.

If you want to add something to your avocado, you can certainly do so! Just make sure that the avocado doesn’t get too oily, otherwise, it can take away from the flavor of the avocado.

A good use for avocados is to serve with hot chocolate for breakfast or even to serve as a topping on other items, such as fruit. A large ripe avocado is ideal for a simple healthy brunch that consists of just two pieces of fruit, a bowl of fruit salad, and some warm, easy to make oatmeal or granola.

People can use avocados for dessert, but that is usually reserved for special occasions. A simple cake can be made using the naturally sweet taste of the avocado, but it will not have the same rich sweetness that can come from using jam or honey. Rather, people typically use an avocado to add a little crunch and texture to something, such as oatmeal, or to make a pudding topping.

Avocado is another fruit that is useful in keeping your metabolism active. When the juices are heated, the body releases insulin, which helps burn fat. By adding the avocado to a smoothie or a fruit salad, the body will get the nutrition it needs to help burn fat and keep those calories off.

The yummiest treat for any occasion can be made with an avocado. Try using one for something spicy, such as a cilantro-lime dip. Or for a nice, light option, try mixing some sliced avocado with grapes or blueberries to make a tasty crisp for ice cream.

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