Diabetes is a serious illness that can attack the body’s ability to properly use glucose. It affects the body’s ability to use insulin and causes blood sugar levels to rise very high. High blood sugar is known as hyperglycemia. There are different kinds of diabetes; one type is known as juvenile diabetes and it is the most common type of diabetes in children.

Diabetes can occur in two ways: if the blood sugar rises, this is known as hypoglycemia, or if the blood sugar falls, this is known as hyperglycemia. In the first case, the patient will need immediate treatment; however, in the second case, the patient may be able to live with the condition. What happens during these two cases?

In the case of hyperglycemia, the condition can cause serious complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, and cancer; however, if the diabetes is in the child’s early years, there is a possibility of a cure and a long term cure with medications. Some symptoms of this condition are frequent headaches, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, nervousness, sensitivity to temperature and food, constant thirst, and itching.

Diabetes affects not only adults but also children. As much as these conditions affect the adult, they also affect children, so it is crucial for the parents to know the symptoms of diabetes and how to treat it.

Symptoms of childhood diabetes include: frequent trips to the bathroom, missed meals, vomiting, or being sick, walking or running slow, losing weight suddenly, fever, painful urination, pale skin, feeling thirsty a lot, dark circles under the eyes, shaking, blood in urine, and pale hands and feet. If your child has these symptoms, then take them to the doctor immediately.

Children are more susceptible to diabetes because the body is still growing and it is possible that the adult body will resist the medicine given to a child. But if the symptoms of diabetes are ignored, then the child may be prone to other health problems.

Adult diabetes is also known as type 2 diabetes and it is the type that is hereditary. It is a body disorder and can be present before a person reaches his twenties. A lot of research and studies are needed in order to find ways to prevent diabetes.

When the blood sugar levels are rising frequently, it can result in a diabetic coma, which is a medical condition that results in a lack of consciousness. The patient will be having trouble breathing and won’t be able to respond to anything when the heartbeats are high.

In the case of adult diabetes, the diabetic is considered to be unfit for duty. It can happen because the body is resistant to the medicines given to the patients because the body’s resistance to the drugs is stronger compared to its resistance to the glucose. If the body has a problem with the medication then the patient may suffer serious side effects.

In the past, adult diabetes was treated by insulin injections. However, insulin injections will not work anymore because of the new blood glucose meters that measure blood sugar levels. It is advisable to change to an alternative method of diabetes treatment such as using diet pills, insulin injections, or using glucose monitors.

A lot of diabetes patients are now looking for cures and a cure for diabetes that are natural and safe. Because diabetes is becoming a very big concern in America, we must work together with the American Medical Association to find treatments that can cure the disease.

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